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Established in 1967. Upgraded in 2003

Chungyu is located on the top of Mt. Tze-Wei, adjacent to scenic spots such as Chung-Cheng Park and Hai-Men-Tien-Hsien. It is the only institute that is well-known for educating and cultivating professional people in the fields of business administration, information management, and law in Keelung City. 
It was founded as a junior college initially at the suggestion of Mr. Yo-Zen Yu, who was respectfully regarded as “the father of the Supervisory Commission”, and was thus named “Chungyu Junior College of Business Administration” in memory of him. Moreover, based on Mr. Yu’s spirit of enhancing the level of education, “Rectifying Morals and Improving Well-being” has been the motto of the school. 
Upon the approval of the Ministry of Education on August 1, 2003, the school was upgraded with the new title of “Chungyu Institute of Technology.” With efforts of all the faculty and students, collaborative hard work of the president, and under the leadership of current Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jin-Shui Lin, and other Board members, the school has achieved tremendous progress in many respects.

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